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Aluminum Repair

Little Red's Automotive Collision is an industry leader in aluminum repair service and one of a few body shops where you’ll receive premium and comprehensive repairs on aluminum-bodied vehicles. Repairing aluminum monocoque vehicle shells requires highly specialized skills that can be hard to find. Fortunately, our auto body mechanics have access to tools and equipment specifically crafted to perform work on aluminum vehicles. They’re trained and licensed to complete the work you need on your aluminum vehicle.

As a licensed autobody shop, we have access to high-quality aluminum parts and follow repair procedures directed by the manufacturer to ensure your vehicle is restored to the highest quality standard.

If your vehicle has been in a collision or endured damage to its aluminum body, get in touch with us at (510) 352-2150. We’ll schedule an appointment and have it restored in no time.

Certified Aluminum Repair Technicians

Little Red's Automotive Collision is a certified aluminum repair autobody shop with a team of licensed and qualified technicians who have extensive years of experience repairing aluminum vehicles.

As you may know, there's a significant difference between working on a vehicle with an aluminum shell as compared to one with a steel body. The contrast is so stark that autobody shops must be certified to perform aluminum repairs. If you leave your vehicle in the hands of a mechanic who isn’t experienced in performing repairs on aluminum vehicles, the job won't be done to your satisfaction or your vehicle’s specifications.

Get your autobody repair done right the first time with the help of Little Red's Automotive Collision's autobody technicians.

Specialized Aluminum Repair Tools and Equipment

As a certified aluminum repair shop, we have the necessary machinery and equipment to reshape dented and bent aluminum. Our technicians have access to a complete inventory of specialized equipment that is kept up to date with the latest technological innovations. When we get a new piece of equipment, every team member is thoroughly trained in its use, so your vehicle can reap the benefits of technologically advanced aluminum repair equipment without technician-induced errors.

Dedicated Aluminum Repair Shop

Our shop features a separated aluminum body repair area with its own tools and equipment to ensure your car is repaired away from steel vehicles. Steel and aluminum don't mix, weakening and corroding one another when coming into contact.

With us, your vehicle will be in qualified and safe hands, regardless of its requirements and specifications.

Aluminum Repair Shop Like No Other

Little Red's Automotive Collision isn’t your average aluminum repair shop. We’ve invested in the tools and training to provide premium aluminum repair services you won't find anywhere else.

We offer you fair and honest prices, and your satisfaction is always our guarantee. Our technicians are certified to work on all makes and models and have worked on vehicles that have endured extreme collision damage. If you have an aluminum-shelled car, there’s only one choice for its repairs, and that’s Little Red's Automotive Collision.

Take advantage of our service by stopping by the shop or giving us a call at your convenience. We can be reached at (510) 352-2150.


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